About us

TerrAquat is an environmental consultancy with a focus on the soil - groundwater path, but with experience in many different environmental research fields.


The consultancy was founded and is owned by Dr. Wolf-Anno Bischoff, who is also the head consultant.

Andreas Schwarz, a well educated Diploma-Geoecologist (University) joined TerrAquat as a senior consultant in 2004 after seven years of research on heavy metals and pesticides at the universities of Bayreuth and Hohenheim.

Sarah Schleicher, M.Sc. in Soil Science, became member of TerrAquat in 2013. She has already been supervised by TerrAquat during her Master Thesis about the potential use of HTC biochar for soil melioration.

All have plenty of experience in field and laboratory work in Germany and many other countries and are fluent in English with good conversation and reading knowledge in French and Spanish.

The common objective is to find the better explanation and the better solution to a customer problem. All consultants are not only driven by professional attitude, but also by curiosity. Environmental problems are rarely simple. Mother nature teaches us something new about her every day. We are willing to listen and learn. We are committed to give state of the art answers to our clients as we do in our numerous scientific projects. And we know the limits of knowledge and uncertainty.

TerrAquat GmbH was founded in 2014 as a spin-off. TerrAquat GmbH complements the Consultancy focussing on services, especially product design and measurement technology.